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North Gallery

Visual Duet
an exhibition of paintings by Peter Sibanda and coiled earthenware by Nic Sithole
1 September 2019 to 18 September 2019

The Pretoria Arts Association is proud to exhibit two exceptional artists as from Sunday 1 September 2019.
Nic Sithole was born on 3 July 1964 in Piet Retief.  The family moved a lot in his childhood and as a result he is fluent in 9 different languages.  Nic’s maternal grandmother was a potter and since his childhood he has been interested in forming animals and people from clay.  His first job was with a potter who taught him to throw and he has spent most of the past 30 years perfecting this discipline, never being tempted to change his career.  He has participated in many exhibitions, including the Ceramics Southern Africa Regional and National exhibitions and was honoured to have one of his pieces acquired for the Corobrik Collection, the largest ceramic collection on permanent display at the Pretoria Museum.  Nic Sithole works from his studio in Mamelodi, Pretoria.  He has received  several awards.
Fellow fine artist and exhibitor  Peter Sibanda was born in 1972 in the Northwest Province.  In 1987 he was introduced to art classes at the Johannesburg Art gallery.  He started his formal studies in  1995 and in 1997 obtained a Diploma in Fine Arts and an Advanced Visual Arts Certificate. His medium of choice is  oil painting.  His artworks are concerned with the broken spirit, the keepers  of dreams, creative souls which break, disfigure and give birth to our pain. “We all harbor burning desires which  have turned some of us into tragedians haunted by the agony of our choices.  Our souls break through indecision as we caress the pain we see and we try to numb the cries and worship the flame that burns our dreams into ashes.  I project this onto canvass by means of oil paints.”
Do not miss this excellent exhibition by two exceptional artists!


Main Gallery

The 1990 Sasol New Signatures finalists exhibition
23 August to 11 September 2019

Over the years the Sasol New Signatures Art Competition, being the longest running competition of its kind in South Africa, has provided a platform for unknown artists to break into the mainstream and has in turn produced many deserving finalists.
The first competition sponsored by Sasol took place at the HSRC Conference Centre from 20 August to 13 September 1990.  2019 therefore marks the 30th competition under the Sasol banner.
As part of the anniversary celebrations the Association of Arts Pretoria is hosting an exhibition of works by artists who were finalists in 1990.  The exhibition will run from 23 August to 11 September 2019, concurrently with the 2019 Sasol New Signatures Art Competition Exhibition which takes place at the Pretoria Art Museum from 22 August 2019 to 29 September 2019.
Participating artists:  Pieter Binsbergen, Lientjie Wessels, Esther Simonis, Christiaan Diedericks, Jennifer Kopping, Alain Nortje, Linda Hesse, Johan van der Schijff, Jaco Erasmus, Nico Erasmus, Lizel Otto, Theresa-Anne Mackintosh, Minnette Vari, Sua van der Westhuizen, Anton Karstel, Esta de Wet and Craig Muller. 

Gallery Chaton

Erica Schoeman
Place and Identity

16 August 2019 to 4 September 2019

When asked about this collection of works, Schoeman remarked that earth was mapped out by inquisitive and restless humans.  Our lives are still marked by movement, be it from home to work, travelling through the country or abroad or even crossing borders in migration.  Maps are needed as guidelines for direction.  Like animals, we have a built-in sense of direction and we map our routes accordingly.  21st Century technology has given us Google-maps and GPS - the Global Positioning System. However, hard copies of road maps and atlases are still being published.
Alas, wherever we go, we leave our footprints; trace evidence of where we’ve been.  Moving around also sometimes requires that we abandon what we know and is dear to our hearts.  We have to resettle at a place on a map where we can feel at ease.  This implies saying farewell to our own individual, incomplete maps.
The brain makes connections via the eye and memorises where we are.  Brain neurons network like maps: monitoring every step and action we take.  In an ever more complex world we map our steps but also our individual lives over time, creating a maze of intricately woven pathways.
These drawings and paintings on discarded maps aim to let the viewers travel through places and time while pausing on their own paths and dwell for a few moments on their personal past and future journeys.  Hopefully Place and Identity inspires them to find new ways of coping with life.

Potter of the month

Jean Beckley

Potter of the month
4 August 2019 to 28 August 2019

Jean Beckley began tuition in ceramics with the late Julia Fraser who in turn had been a student of John Edwards.  Being in the dance world most of her life, she found the creative aspect right up her street.   Having joined Digby Hoets’s studio around 1985/86 she kept expanding her studies and technique. 
All her work is on the wheel and in general with porcelain clay, but occasionally she uses earthenware clay.  She prefers creating ‘form’ as opposed to highly decorative pieces, and has been influenced somewhat by the classical period of Greece and ancient Oriental shapes.  Reports have indicated that she works in the ‘Anglo/Oriental tradition’.
In 1998 she entered, what she describes as her ‘dotty’ period!  This resulted from a visit to family in Australia where she discovered the Aboriginal art of dot painting.  One area of particular interest is South African rock art, which she sometimes portrays on a clay body using the ‘Dot-painting’ technique.
Jean Beckley has participated in several workshops offered by Ceramics SA and other individual artists, and have exhibited in both Regional and National exhibitions.  On occasions she achieved Highly Commended Awards and has a work acquired for the Corobrick Collection and another by the William Humphrey Gallery.
Peter Sibanda - Face of naughty

oil on canvas | 50 cm x 40 cm

Peter Sibanda - Imbokodo

oil on canvas | 66 cm x 56 cm

Peter Sibanda - Keepers of dreams

oil on canvas | 76 cm x 51 cm

Peter Sibanda - Pot donkey

oil on canvas | 60 cm x 50 cm

Peter Sibanda - Sweet corn

Oil on canvas | 60 cm x 50 cm

Nic Sithole

Ref no 1 - 50 cm

Nic Sithole

Ref no 3 - 47 cm

Nic Sithole

Ref no 4 - 47,5 cm

Nic Sithole

Ref no 5 - 42,5 cm

Nic Sithole

Ref no 6 - 36 cm

Nic Sithole

Ref no 7 - 40 cm

Nic Sithole

Ref no 9 - 32 cm

Nic Sithole

Ref no 10 - 28 cm

Nic Sithole

Ref no 11 - 29 cm

Nic Sithole

Ref no 12 - 28 cm

Nic Sithole

Ref no 13 - 20 cm

Nic Sithole

Ref no 14 - 13 cm

Nic Sithole

Ref no 16 - 26 cm

Nic Sithole

Ref no 17 - 25 cm

Nic Sithole

Ref no 18 - 19,5 cm

Nic Sithole

Ref no 19 - 20 cm

Nic Sithole

Ref no 20 - 23 cm

Pieter Binsbergen

Koos, Mike & Rooijan

Christiaan Diedericks

Magna Carta (Confessional)

Jacques Coetzer


Esta de Wet

OR else

Jacob Erasmus


Nicolaas Erasmus

The adoration of St Julius

Anton Karstel

Prof Ockert Stolz en Jerry Gobosa

Anton Karstel

St Augustine Roman Catholic church, Port Elizabeth

Jennifer Kopping


Theresa-Anne Mackintosh

More comfortable republic 1, 2 & 3

Craig Muller


Alain Nortje

Luscious valley

Alain Nortje

Shattered scape

Esther Simonis

Rising from the Nadir

Johann van der Schijff

Walk the line

Sua van der Westhuizen

Tell me

Minnette Vari

The Falls I

Death Mask II

drawing on map - 38 cm x 42 cm


Drawing on map - 44 cm x 37 cm

Death mask I

Drawing on map - 38 cm x 42 cm

Drie breine 3

Drawing on map - 38 cm x 42 cm


Drawing on map - 44 cm x 37 cm


Drawing on print - 42 cm x 38 cm


Drawing on map - 38 cm x 44 cm

Plant you mind

Drawing on map - 44 cm x 37 cm

Scull life

Drawing on map - 44 cm x 37 cm


Drawing on map - 38 cm x 44 cm

Soos jy is word jy isser

Drawing on map - 38 cm x 44 cm

The ancestors have spoken

Drawing on map - 44 cm x 37 cm





Flagon with handle

Large vessel - reduction fired

Mannequins - slip design and high fired

Mottled vase

Ox blood jar

Small flagon

Tall jar with handles

Trio (set)


Vessel - reduction fired

Vessel - reduction fired

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