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Grietjie Haupt

5 April 2019 to 26 April 2019
Grietjie Haupt says the following about her forthcoming exhibition at the Association of Arts Pretoria:  “This work in progress explores the universality of loss and the process of art-making in a state of perceptual and postural precariousness.   I classify my art as generative art driven by complex systems theory, which sees artists as being mentally and physically one with the environment in which they operate and the artworks they create.   This intimate relationship is constantly shaped and reshaped in a complex system involving artists’ mental and bodily interaction with their concrete outside world and the products of their creation.
My bi-lateral vestibular under-function causes gaze (staring) and postural instability, accompanied by oscillopsia, or the sensation of objects jumping and bouncing, and loss of depth sensation; all of these have implications for my art-making process.  Turning my head, and experiencing any form of darkness, causes me to experience a sense that the familiar world has lost its visual order and its threads are unravelling.  In order to make meaning of this unstable world, and to compensate for the loss of stability, I relentlessly confront the darkness and the unravelling and attempt to tie the threads together in new ways.”
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