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North Gallery

Karen Pretorius

Dichotomous Narratives 
28 June 2018 to 18 July 2018
This exhibition of personal objects, digital works and paintings is part of the process of preparation for Karen Pretorius’s Master of Visual Arts exhibition.
The theme in terms of traumatic experience and remembrance examines multiple points of view.  It compares the relationship between material, internal and external forces in the artistic process, and the complex network of relational circumstances in autobiographical art.
‘As artists we speak about and for society.  I believe that we first need to be able to speak about and for ourselves.’   In 2010 the artist lost her only child as a result of a motor vehicle accident.     ‘This body of work addresses the (un)speakability of loss and close proximity to a traumatic experience.  In my art-making, intuitive and cognitive processes direct plastic choices of medium, subject and mark making.  Multiple realities and various visual expressions combine to represent the way in which this traumatic experience is an (un)speakable event.’
Whereas Pretorius’s earlier works depicted the intense shock and pain of traumatic loss, she wants to convey a message of ‘OK-ness’ with this body of work.
Colour of presence #2
Heaven and earth
Heaven and earth
Out there somewhere
New light
Are you still breathing?
The birth of an owl
A herald unexpected
The poet
We gave Henry a gentle character, a scrawny boy with curly hair 
The protector
A sailing ship
Naked offering
The sceam (after Edward Munch)
Can you help me with this owl on my shoulder
Wie gaan ouma se vingerhoed erf