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Gallery Chaton

Willem Truter

8 March 2019 to 27 March 2019
In the presence of wings examines mankind’s relationship with birds through the eyes of Pretoria artist Willem Truter.  With his charcoal and pastel drawings on paper he explores the following themes:
*         How we identify and describe birds
*         What birds reveal about our relationship with the environment and our desires to control and conserve nature 
 *        How birds are significant in our imaginative and emotional lives
Human activity has affected fauna and flora irreparably and has resulted in vulnerability and loss in the animal world, including that of birds.  Truter employs ornithological images to relate to and illustrate contemporary culture.  This causes some drawings to contain a strong element of fantasy and they are often quite sardonic. 
He incorporates pictures eclectically chosen from books as well as his own photos, as points of departure and then interprets the source images through manipulation.  By adapting the original images he invites viewers to experience the known world in utterly unfamiliar ways. 
Afsydige berusting
Avian serenading
Change of status I
Change of status II
Exhibitionistic self assurance
Oggend sitting
Pastoral happiness
Switching to parrot talk
Teatrale teenstelling
Wie is die mooiste?
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