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Adele Potgieter - Transfigure

17 to 31 October 2020
Adele Potgieter has a strong affinity for pattern, sentimental objects, botanical specimens, insects, birdlife and found items such as interesting seed pods, feathers and sculls.   Her current body of work is focused on the mirroring of her digital collages.  This is a direct reaction to the current pandemic and related recent events.  “With the lockdown in March and the subsequent cancellation of commissions and exhibitions, I suddenly felt paralysed by uncertainty.  After wrestling with a sense of doom and gloom, I resolved to do whatever I can to persevere.”
Still life painting is the genre where her ideas and findings enjoy full expression.  She sees poetry in exploring how objects relate and create interesting visual connections when placed in proximity to each other.  Her camera is an important tool in this process and, over time, she has accumulated a library of digital photographs.
“In the past my works were more traditional in the sense that I tried to render a complete three-dimensional space.  A few years ago, I started using flat lay photography and Trompe-l'oeil style compositions, thereby creating a more contemporary feel in my work.”  The final works executed in oil on canvas for this exhibition act as ‘little’ tributes to life, renewal, growth and abundance.
Grace i
Grace ii
Study of hope i
Study of hope ii
Study of hope iii
Study of hope iv
Study of hope v
Finding focus i
Finding focus ii
Finding focus iii
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