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Galerie Chaton

Adelle van Zyl - Fables of the mind

3 to 19 September 2020
In this series of ink drawings and collages, Adelle van Zyl combines the literary genre of the fable with aspects of the human psyche, in order to comment on the human condition. 
Fables are short stories that convey moral lessons by means of animals with anthropomorphic features, such as the ability to speak and act like humans. The artist draws on her experience as a illustrator of children’s books, as she employs animal imagery with themes of fear and fantasy for her current body of work.  For the artist, animals reflect the fragility of the human psyche and her work often touches on psychological aspects and reflects on the key events and characteristics which form the core of human existence. 
The process of creating both the ink drawings and collages was a spontaneous attempt to discover and access subconscious thoughts.  The artist simply started the format of a circle within a rectangle.  Similarly, in the collages, she started with a square format which was saturated with ink, water and salt.  The result is imagery that became the backdrop, which in turn, formed the selection of bird heads and fragments of clothing that seemed to correspond to underlying tones.  These backgrounds of chance and chaos become theatres, in which human drama and the creation of meaningfulness unfold. 

The young master
Commander J Mendoza II of the Basque region
Fables of the mind: Act II, Scene VIII
Fables of the mind: Act IV, Scene XI
Fables of the mind: Act IV, Scene XVI
Fables of the mind - Act V, Scene I
Fables of the mind - Act VI, Scene IIX
Fables of the mind - Act VI, Scene X
Fables of the mind – Act VII, Scene II
Fables of the mind - Act VII, Scene XI
After Rousseau (Tiger in a monochrome storm)
Courage, dear heart
Do Ant-lions dream of electric storms?
Een Swaeltjie maak wel ‘n somer
Eendbekdier (The sum of my parts)
External validation
Hunter’s moon
Je suis désolée
My beloved space cadet
Pain is very good for art
Safe as houses
Strong men and big numbers
The philosopher's hand
To hold two opposing ideas in one's mind
To untether the soul from the bones
When days are dark, friends are few
Tools for achieving enlightenment
Arnold the mind monkey
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