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Ansa Clacey - My world unravelling

25 September to 10 October 2020
This exhibition of Ansa Clacey contains work in oil combined with embroideries completed during the lockdown phase.
“I’ve always been drawn to small snapshot landscapes which touch me emotionally and nostalgically.  They are the record-keeping evidence of my life and shaped my existence as an individual.  COVID-19 arrived on our shores and I couldn't travel.  Intuitively, I started painting these landscapes as a therapeutic process.  As the mood became more sombre the landscapes became fragile and therefore needed protection.”
Over the years, the artist has been fascinated by the Madonna figures that she came across in old village churches.  Seven years ago, she began embroidering them because it always reminds her of her mother.  “My landscapes needed these Madonna figures as protectors.”
As the Covid-19 situation worsened, the Madonna would be replaced by beasts that could come from childhood dreams.  They are embroidered on fragile silk organza and old napkins that she sourced at markets in India and Florence and the threads and cottons are mementos that were given to her by her mother and friends.  “The stitching became the therapy and a way to transform, re-imagine and knit personal history into myth and storytelling.  They disturb and seduce.”
Four chairs near Machadodorp
Our lady of Ostra Brama over Mpumalanga
Black backed jackal in the woods near Krakov
Barry Island, Cardiff and the Virgin Mary
Storm in December, Rosendal
After Waterloo
Saint Lucy before the judge, 1532
Annunciation, Lorenzo Lotto, 1520
They don’t see red
Hyena and a tree growing on his head
Why the hare has no tail
Arctic wolf
Cow in Delhi
Virgin and child, Taddeo di Bartolo
Our lady of Tursko, Poland
Black backed jackal and the hospital bed
On the way to Warsaw
Lake district and the portrait of a gentle woman
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