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Delia Funk & Michael Teffo

Textile art by Delia Funk and wood sculpture by Michael Teffo
1 October to 17 October 2020
Delia Funk, a textile artist who describes herself as a decorative artist, started her life in Port Elizabeth and spent her forming years in Johannesburg with creative parents Barbara and Desmond Greig before she ventured out on a varied and international career.  Apart from large commissions (interiors) for hotels and companies, her work can be found the USA, Germany, England, France and Spain.
Delia works on unstretched high-quality canvas which can hang like a scroll on a wall.  She works with the best quality textile dye.
Michael Teffo, a highly lauded artist, who held his first solo exhibition at the Association of Arts Pretoria in 1978, will be exhibiting wood sculptures in the same gallery.  He has held various solo-exhibitions and participated in several group exhibitions.  Teffo is mainly self-taught and a versatile artist.   However, he does not feel the lack of formal training as he does not wish to be influenced by other artists, but wants to remain himself in his attempts at showing life and interpreting it through symbols.
His sculptures with their strong lines and forceful expressions sing about a harmony which exists between humans and animals.  In this harmony he finds the peace and consolation which makes it possible to escape from the harshness of a modern scientific world.
Delia Funk - Cathedral window
Delia Funk - Cosmic Ray
Delia Funk - Solar flare
Delia Funk - Epsilon
Delia Funk - Iota
Delia Funk - Nabla
Delia Funk - Pulsar
Delia Funk - Raphaelite
Delia Funk - Stell Nova
Delia Funk - Talking heads
Michael Teffo - Ele-Rhino
Michael Teffo - Pensive rabbit
Michael Teffo - Shy rabbit
Michael Teffo - Boxer
Michael Teffo - Begging rabbit
Michael Teffo - Protestor
Michael Teffo - Madala
Michael Teffo - Methuselah
Michael Teffo - Diving bird
Michael Teffo - Tortoise (large)
Michael Teffo - Tortoises
Michael Teffo - Dancing bird
Michael Teffo - Snake bird
Michael Teffo - Guinea Fowl
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