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Easter symbols 2020

Easter  is a time to rejoice.   During this time of the year, the age-old message of Easter is always that of healing and rebirth.  All the traditions in the world, especially Christian, are familiar with Easter signs and images - the Easter egg, Easter Bunny, the Cross, Palm Branches, the Butterfly and many others, all symbolizing new life and spiritual youth.
We invited a couple of artists to make these symbols the source of their inspiration for this exhibition.  The result is a diverse but totally exciting collection of fine art works. 
Adele Adendorff
Angela Banks
Hanneke Benade
Erna Bodenstein
Erna Bodenstein
Erna Bodenstein
Angelique Bougaard
Annelise Bowker
Guy du Toit
Gordon Froud
Diek Grobler
Danelle Janse van Rensburg
Carl Jeppe
Eugenie Marais
Craig Muller
Ilona Petzer
Malose Pete
Dalene Pierini
Adele Potgieter
Loeritha Saayman
Sanna Swart
Lynette ten Krooden
Corne van Eck
Elsie Weich
Valeria Talian
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