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Gwenneth Miller - ENFOLDING

3 September to 19 September 2020
This exhibition Enfolding is a visual echo of Gwen Miller’s mourning the loss of her husband Stefan.  Here she dwells on sites and entities enveloped in memory, both traumatic and comforting, turning remembrances into tangible forms.  Her creative process resembles her memory process.
Featuring drawings, prints and paintings, this exhibition essentially contains two separate themes worked on simultaneously.  Each is tied to the central concept of awareness as enfolded in layers.  One deals with the twin experiences of melancholy and the sublime caused by reflecting on familiar places and mundane objects - a dam, a rock, a hospital bed.  These transcend their ordinariness through association. 
Imagery from the second, titled Forest for my love, originates from the physical site of a park where Gwen and her family and friends planted trees in memory of their individual closeness with Stefan.  The artworks on exhibition reflect on healing rituals and embrace life’s overwhelming ambiguities – the quiet value of care given in hope, the sense of desolation when faced with the reality of mortality, and the meditations on an unimaginable future.
The Gift
Στέφανος (Stefanus) and the mourning pin
Matthew's bowl, a tree that was felled to soon
Dullstroom dam
New dams from the old
Jared's gifts
Wine farm visits
Swimming in the cold sea
Pressed jasmine, that yearly ritual
Speak tenderly to my beloved I
Speak tenderly to my beloved II
Speak tenderly to my beloved III
Speak tenderly to my beloved IV
The tangle of change that cannot be rethreaded
Reservoir I
Reservoir II
Reservoir III
Liquid life
At the foot of the bed
The thread of all sorrows
Reading Harari, 21 lessons
Black tears and the sea
Forest for my love - The first tree: Oliver’s Wisteria
Forest for my love - Thomas’ Tree Wisteria
Forest for my love - Shatkovski’s Ode
Forest for my love - Bear kisses for Mercia
Forest for my love - Uprooted tree
Forest for my love - Six months later
Forest for my love - Mountain Karee for Stefan
Forest for my love - Leonard’s tree
The Park.  The gravity of kindness
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