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Louis Kok - Liquid Black

10 to 26 September 2020
Before the outbreak of Covid-19, Louis Kok had started working on drawings and studies of the crow – its movements seeming like black liquid floating in the air.  During the lockdown, however, the crow took on a more symbolic role.  With the plague in the 17th century, the crow became a symbol of the masks worn by doctors, also a symbol of death.
In mythology crows were considered as messengers of the gods — connections between the physical or material and the spiritual world.  In this series of drawings crows can again be seen as messengers, warning us humans to change our ways or suffer the consequences of nature reclaiming what is hers.  In areas that were hit hard by Covid-19, blackness seemed to descend on everyday life and this halted normal movement and interaction for all, except the creatures with which we share the planet.
Tower of crows
Two crows
Bird of prey
Take off
A new dawn
Universal attack
Like a bird on a wire
Check this out
Caught in a storm
Dr Corona #2
Stolen heart
Solo flight
Crow & skull
Empty nest syndrome
Bio product
O mother, where ar't thou?
The joy of parenthood
The believer
The collector
The keeper
The protector
The hat maker
The artist
Abstract nest
Nest #4
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