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Philip Badenhorst

Archaeology of my existence - a timeless way of life
26 September to 10 October 2020

Philip Badenhorst is well known for his rich impasto, colourful and expressionistic oil paintings.  His career as a painter includes almost forty solo exhibitions and he has participated in nearly one hundred group exhibitions in South Africa and abroad since 1981.
The artist often uses human figures, surrounded by flowers, foliage, bouquets, dark forests and water.  Although Philip’s work is not devoid of social realities, the viewer enters his inner world with the leitmotif being the artist's own history, his own fears and life.  The viewer is seduced by the surface of the paintings and discovers layers of content beyond the more obvious qualities, for example the disarming sense of vulnerability that creates an almost uneasy sense of voyeurism.
This exhibition of paintings deals with ‘archaeological’ deposits, discoveries, concealed meanings, concepts and lyrical stories about the cryptic sky, land and seabed histories.  Figurative elements such as boat wrecks, mounds and grids are present in these works. 

The emphasis shifts from the narrative to the artwork as embodied experience, and this preference to acknowledge the creative act as a dynamic and self-reliant process becomes the driving force in his work.
When the time arrives
You won’t remember, how you managed to survive
A boat in a timeless landscape
Dark omnipresent pool
Forgotten on the sea bed
Discovered on the sea bed
You try to remember the shapes, but they all look the same
Sometimes fate looks like a storm
This storm is you – inside you
Concealed meanings I
Concealed meanings II
Concealed meanings III
Concealed meanings V
Memories do not always soften with time I
Memories do not always soften with time II
Memories do not always soften with time III
Memories do not always soften with time IV
Onverklaarde geheime
A lifetime worth of weird stuff
Slowly you will be able to see
A circle of life
You meet something at the wrong time
Thank you Matisse
Dreams don’t escape me anymore
Gwen & Matisse
A new breath came to destroy the evil
Notre Dame burning
A timeless way of life
Mapping the sky
I will restore to you the years that the locust has eaten ….
Swallowed up in the anonymous sea
A table by the shore
I am sending you flowers, yet you don’t see them
Oh human misery; of how many things you make yourself the slave for money
(Leonardo da Vinci)
Search for the entrance
The physical impossibility of death in the mind of someone living
(Damien Hirst)
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