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Angela Banks

Feather Collectors
A body of paintings and illustrations by Angela Banks

27 October 2017 to 15 November 2017

Angela Banks regards this as a body of work that reflects what it is to give and receive in this life.  Feathers are very fragile on the one hand but on the other strong and perfectly designed for their purpose.  They represent the minute but accurate weight required for flight and freedom.
This exhibition focuses on the subtleties present in our everyday lives - the little things that may seem unimportant but are in essence powerfully relevant.  Relationships and kingdoms are lost due to slight errors in judgment, but if we pay attention to those 'slights', represented by the feather, relationships can be saved and competitions won.
The decorative illustrations and  narrative based paintings in watercolour express an appreciation of the gifts we are lavished with in this life that are to be made use of to better our lives and the lives of others.

A grand gift
Bird I
Bird II
Bird III
Bird IV
Bird V
Bird VI
Birds of a feather flock together
Peep Hole
Tea for two
The aviator
The feather collector
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