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Correlative Conjunctions

Ingrid Bolton & Zyma Amien

27 July 2018 to 15 August 2018

If a correlative conjunction connects two equal grammatical items, then so too are Zyma Amien and Ingrid Bolton connected equally through their working processes.  Not only do they share a studio space and a job but also have won the Sasol New Signatures competition. 
In this exhibition Correlative Conjunctions these two artists aim to draw attention to current socio-political and environmental concerns.
Zyma Amien has a familial link to the garment and textile industry, hence her focus on this field. Amien creates prints using multiple techniques like woodcutting, etching, marking making, monotypes and linoleum cuts.  These techniques require the artist to perform repetitive actions in much the same way as the garment workers.  This repetitive and alienating process became the point of departure for creating her artwork and she uses her role as an artist to highlight the plight of the garment workers in society.
Ingrid Bolton’s habit is to look at seemingly unrelated issues with an underlying environmental focus and connect them either visually or metaphorically.  Alarmed by the top down approach of the Cape Town municipality to propose that a tax be placed on solar panels and of the reluctance of the National government to commit to renewable energy, this body of work proposes to highlight how we look at sustainable energy.  By using compounds like turmeric, coal and calcium carbonate in her work, Bolton plays with multiple meanings and associations by juxtaposing them in the landscape.  Associations are made between the golden coloured organic shaped turmeric and the dark, hard angular coal.
Ingrid Bolton - If / Then
Ingrid Bolton - Coal but also wind
Zyma Amien - Template
Ingrid Bolton - Not only | But also
Zyma Amien - Choker
Zyma Amien - Mock-Up
Zyma Amien - Front line
Ingrid Bolton - Just as | So
Ingrid Bolton - Hardly | When
Ingrid Bolton - Both | And
Zyma Amien - Industrialist
Ingrid Bolton - Fragmented surface
Zyma Amien - Modus Operandi
Ingrid Bolton - Spill
Zyma Amien - Notch 
Zyma Amien - Tourniquet
Ingrid Bolton - Low horizon 
Ingrid Bolton - And or | If but
Zyma Amien - Draper
Zyma Amien - Thread
Zyma Amien - Sample
Zyma Amien - Prototype
Zyma Amien - Andragogy
Zyma Amien - Sewn
Zyma Amien - Detachment
Zyma Amien - Estrangement
Zyma Amien - Pedagogy
Zyma Amien - Iteration
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