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Sculpture by Sanna Swart and paintings by Lynette ten Krooden

13 October 2017 till 1 November 2017

For this exhibition renowned Pretoria artists Sanna Swart (sculptor) and Lynette ten Krooden (painter) combine their different ways of looking at and interpreting the environment.  Both artists are acutely aware of the beauty of “the place we call home” and of the fragility and delicate balance between man and nature.
With this exhibition the artists want to honour the planet and bring an awareness of the sacredness of walking upon this soil.  They are both interested in the ancient cultures who lived in harmony with the land and the fact that modern man has scarred and defaced this landscape.   Both artists spend time in the abundance of undeveloped spaces and keenly examine and document Gaia (the ancient Greek goddess who presided over the earth) for their endeavours.
Sanna Swart works in forged stainless steel and Lynette ten Krooden has for many years experimented with gold and silver leaf in her oil based paintings. For this exhibition she also experimented with natural oxidations on mild steel, which brings a natural symbiosis between the materials of paintings and sculptures, emphasising the links by the use of form, line and texture. 

Sanna Swart - Gletservis
Sanna Swart - Delicate balance
Sanna Swart - Arctic fragment
Sanna Swart - Whisper
Lynette ten Krooden - Arctic desert
Lynette ten Krooden - Blood Falls
Lynette ten Krooden  - Blue planet
Lynette ten Krooden - Crevasse
Lynette ten Krooden - Day of plenty
Sanna Swart - Desert shimmer
Sanna Swart - Entanglement
Sanna Swart - Arctic fragment
Lynette ten Krooden - Desert song I
Lynette ten Krooden - Desert song II
Lynette ten Krooden - Desert song III
Lynette ten Krooden - Donkermaan
Lynette ten Krooden - Glansgraniet
Lynette ten Krooden - Vuurklip fossiel reeks
Lynette ten Krooden - Kadastale grense
Sanna Swart - Arctic fragment
Sanna Swart - Gletservis
Sanna Swart - Gletservis
Lynette ten Krooden - White desert
Lynette ten Krooden - New beginnings
Sanna Swart - Blaarsterre
Sanna Swart & Lynette ten Krooden - Delicate Balance
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