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Gallery Chaton

Duma Mtimkulu

The Journey
 26 October 2018 to 14 November 2018
“My work is influenced by my background and current events that transpire around me.  Working with clay plays a large role in my creative practice,” the artist says about this exhibition.  “My artworks originate from my thoughts and are essentially a celebration of women and a commentary on other social issues.”
Mtimkulu’s work is also inspired by biblical text and cultural beliefs about death and the concept of the soul leaving the body.  This is seen as freedom and liberation of the soul, free from worldly events and responsibilities.  Death is seen as another part of life, a dimension where the spirit lives without the body.
Man of the sky
Death of man
Bheka phambili
Phakimisa Ikhanda
Stitched vase
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