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Cronje Lemmer & Roy Vieira Forte
16 March 2018 to 4 April 2018

For Easter two exhibitions opened at the Association of Arts Pretoria on Friday 16 March 2018:  renowned Pretoria artist Michael Heyns will exhibit work with the theme ‘Die Gebreekte Mens’  in the North Gallery;  and Cronjè Lemmer & Roy Vieira Forté will show their work with the theme Metanoia (Easter music) in the Main Gallery.
Cronjé Lemmer says “Easter brings with it a transformation into the new” and he therefore uses the butterfly as symbol for transformation passing from the old-life into a resurrected and glorified new life. He also makes use of birds representing peace, freedom and spirituality and thorns to symbolising Jesus’ crown.
“For me, Easter rings the bell of Metanoia; it echoes the sound of spiritual conversion” says Roy Vieira Forté.  This collection includes a selection of pieces from the artist’s debut in 2017 as well as some new collagraphic works. “Easter sounds out the numerous miracles of daily life:  rebirth; being alive; being able to see and walk again.”
Cronje Lemmer - Metanoia
Cronje Lemmer - Metanoia
Cronje Lemmer - Metanoia
Cronje Lemmer - Metanoia
Cronje Lemmer - Metanoia
Roy Vieira Forte - Holy spirit you are welcome here
Roy Vieira Forte - Redemption
Roy Vieira Forte  - I can see the glory of God
Roy Vieira Forte - Original innocence
Roy Vieira Forte - I can see the glory of God
Cronje Lemmer - Boodskappers
Cronje Lemmer - Celtic Cross
Roy Vieira Forte - Christ icon
Cronje Lemmer - Die boodskapper
Cronje Lemmer - Goeie nuus
Cronje Lemmer - Ikoon
Cronje Lemmer - In the beginning
Roy Vieira Forte - Magnificent
Roy Vieira Forte - Spiritual eye
Roy Vieira Forte - I can see the majesty of God
Roy Vieira Forte - Matthew
Cronje Lemmer - Oorwinning
Roy Vieira Forte - Pentecost
Cronje Lemmer - Voorloper
Cronje Lemmer - Save seven lives
Cronje Lemmer - The lucky ones
Roy Vieira Forte - All dressed up
Roy Vieira Forte - The golden thread
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