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North Gallery

Elsie Weich

8 June 2018 to 27 June 2018
This exhibition by versatile Pretoria artist Elsie Weich comprises classic realist oil paintings, expressionistic line copperplate etching and postmodern sculpture.  By pairing these different art works a visual tension with an ambiguous aesthetic is created. 
Weich feels that she is presenting the viewer with a metaphor for identification, appreciation, debate or future acquisitions.  “I am showcasing the touchstone of my artistic pursuit for perfection (an ideal which most likely I will never attain hence the title Faciebat).”
With her oil paintings she conveys the essence and character of the person, with her copperplate etching she creates dramatic monotone images and focuses on a more stylized representation of the human face and with her sculpture she moves her artistic boundaries into the abstract.
Elsie graduated from the Pretoria Technikon in 1999 majoring in graphic design and photography.  She has exhibited both locally and internationally.

Girl with antique vase
Keshan beauty
La vie en Rose
Mona Marie
Sarienne the showgirl
The weddingdress maker
Ille silere
Vincent and Athena
Ille silere
In the absent of colour
Matilda of Canossa
Remember yesterday