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Engage (World Art Day exhibition)

15 April 2019 to 15 May 2019

In April 2011, at the 17th General Assembly of the International Association of Arts (IAA) held  in Guadalajara, Mexico,  a proposal was unanimously accepted that a ‘World Art Day’ be declared on 15 April each year to celebrate and promote the role which the visual arts play in die global community.  That date marks the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci. 
This year the Association of Arts Pretoria is hosting an exceptional exhibition entitled ENGAGE 2019.  The central theme of this exhibition is the informal collaboration between invited artists who either work in 2D or 3D.  Each artist is assigned to another artist and asked to work in collaboration with his or her partner.  By engaging each individual artist with another artist, it is to be seen whether a visual and intellectual synergy is established.  This fascinating experiment could create a marriage of either convenience or inconvenience.  Obviously the duo’s works will be exhibited in close proximity of each other.   
Invited couples
Allen Laing & Heidi Fourie; Gordon Froud & Diane Victor; Carol Kühn & Avitha Sooful; Nicholas Prinsloo & Danelle Janse van Rensburg; Lawrence Lemaoana & Mary Sibande; Stephen Hobbs & Bronwyn Millar; Johann Nortjé & Leanne Olivier; Lothar Böttcher & Nicki Böttcher; Hannelie Coetzee & Reney Warrington; Francois Visser & Lizanne Visser; Andre Otto & Lizel Otto; Dylan Graham & Alet Pretorius; Retha Buitendach & Kathy Eales; Lourens Ferreira & Lala Crafford ; Janus Fouché & Mienke Fouché ; Izanne Wiid & Sunet Ferreira
Lothar & Nicki Bottcher
Retha Buitendach
Kathy Eales
Hannelie Coetzee
Reney Warrington
Gordon Froud
Heidi Fourie
Allen Laing
Bronwyn Millar
Stephen Hobbs
Danelle Janse van Rensburg
Nicholas Prinsloo
Louwrens Ferreira & Lala Crafford
Johann Nortje
Leanne Olivier
Lizel Otto
Andre Otto
Janus Fouche
Mienke Fouche
Avi Sooful
Carol Kuhn
Izanne Wiid & Sunet Ferreira
Mary Sibande
Lawrence Lemaoana
Hannelie Coetzee
Hannelie Coetzee
Lizanne Visser
Francois Visser
Allen Laing & Heidi Fourie
Andre Otto
Bronwyn Millar
Bronwyn Millar
Dylan Graham & Alet Pretorius
Francois Visser
Heidi Fourie
Nicholas Prinsloo & Danelle Janse van Rensburg
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