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Place and Idendity 


An exhibition of paintings an drawings on maps by Erica Schoeman
16 August to 4 September 2019

When asked about this collection of works, Schoeman remarked that earth was mapped out by inquisitive and restless humans.  Our lives are still marked by movement, be it from home to work, travelling through the country or abroad or even crossing borders in migration.  Maps are needed as guidelines for direction.  Like animals, we have a built-in sense of direction and we map our routes accordingly.  21st Century technology has given us Google-maps and GPS - the Global Positioning System. However, hard copies of road maps and atlases are still being published.
Alas, wherever we go, we leave our footprints; trace evidence of where we’ve been.  Moving around also sometimes requires that we abandon what we know and is dear to our hearts.  We have to resettle at a place on a map where we can feel at ease.  This implies saying farewell to our own individual, incomplete maps.
The brain makes connections via the eye and memorises where we are.  Brain neurons network like maps: monitoring every step and action we take.  In an ever more complex world we map our steps but also our individual lives over time, creating a maze of intricately woven pathways.
These drawings and paintings on discarded maps aim to let the viewers travel through places and time while pausing on their own paths and dwell for a few moments on their personal past and future journeys.  Hopefully Place and Identity inspires them to find new ways of coping with life.
Death mask II
Drie breine 3
Plant your mind II
Scull life
Soos jy is word jy isser
The ancestors have spoken
Wat was die uitstlag van die MRI scan
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