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Helena Hugo

An exhibition of recent work in a variety of media by Helena Hugo
12 July 2019 to 31 July 2019

Helena Hugo has been a full time artist since graduating from the University of Pretoria in 1996, majoring in painting.  After working for ten years almost exclusively in oils she made a transition to working in the more direct medium of pastel creating highly finished, detailed expressions of people – mostly South African labourers.  Most recently she started to explore the world of fibre art using as her medium re-appropriated clothing previously worn and owned by South African workers and through this medium she investigates the universal human condition and the cycle of birth, death and resurrection.
Legacy will explore the unease humans experience with the idea of the loss of “self” which can be equalled to the fear of death and how it sometimes manifests in destructive behaviour towards other humans, animals and nature.  It becomes apparent in our need to be remembered or to leave a legacy.
Hugo is well-known for her realistic pastel portraits of South African workers.  However, her latest solo exhibition at the Pretoria Arts Association will be of a far more conceptual nature.  Hugo returns to painting, though she uses a monochrome greenish palette which lends to the paintings a semblance of drawings.  She also explores the mediums of fibre art, photography and sound and experiments with unusual mediums such as animal footprints and algae.
Family crest
Butterfly effect
Butterfly effect (detail)
 Inheritance I
Inheritance II
Inheritance III
Land I
Land I (detail)
Land II
Land II (detail)
Land III
Land IV
Land memory I
Land memory II
Land memory III
Possession I
Possession IV
Possession V
Self portrait as a fleeting thing I
Self portrait as a fleeting thing II
Self portrait as a fleeting thing III
Self portrait with flamingo as fleeting thing I
Self portrait with flamingo as fleeting things II
Self portrait with flamingo as fleeting things III
Stuffed for posterity
Butterfly effect II
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