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Loeritha Saayman
3 November 2017 till 22 November 2017

Celebrated Pretoria artist and art tutor Loeritha Saayman, who studied art through UNISA and opened the Brooklyn Fine Arts Studio in 2000, was in art residency in Paris France for three months starting at the end of 2015.
The works on this exhibition is a response from the artist on her temporary home and experience in Paris.  The city’s romantic character stood in sharp contrast with tight security measures and a sombre mood, after the terrorist attacks in November 2015.  The artist became an observer and spectator of vulnerable people, locals and foreigners alike, going about their daily business, against a backdrop of winter greys.  These people, documented by photography, street sketching and life-drawing sketches, became the source material and inspiration of the two and three-dimensional works on this exhibition.
Academie de la Grande Chaumiere
Cafe Marly
Evolution of social behaviour
Family ties
Golden mole
Interconnected systems
Maze dwellers
Paris by day, Paris by night
Paris in the Fall
Maze dwellers
Pont Notre Dame
Regulated footprints
Round cliff estate
Search for meaningful places
Street walkers
Through the eyes of time
Yellowing of a blueprint
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