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Milton Miltiades - DEVOTION

4 August 2017 to 23 August 2017
Milton Miltiades started collecting fragments of slate as a student in the late 80’s and was influenced by die work of Spanish artist Antoni Tapies (1923-2012).  “Because of its multilayered composition and of the way it weathers, slate reveals other colours and textures as well as a period of trace of its unfathomably ancient million history of formation.
Miltiades starts from a drawing and his working procedure entails a dialogue between the drawing and the shape and texture of the stone.  The drawing is adapted to the stone and modified to retain the character of the stone.  Influenced by classical and Byzantine architecture and ornamentation,  he is also intrigued by the anonymous nature of religious ornamental carving and by its intense labour and repetitiveness.  “For me it represents a form of devotion.”

For the artist’s prints he uses drawing, found objects and digital photography to explore desire, loss, memory and the precariousness of existence.  He sees it as a trace of a reality that can fade, discolour or disappear over time.

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Greek Cross
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