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See Art (curated by Derek Zietsman)

23 June 2017 to 19 July 2017

SEE ART explores the symbiotic relationship between the contemporary artist (art-maker) and the viewer (art-consumer). The exhibition focuses particularly on the concept of visual literacy and the dialogue between artistic ‘intention’ and viewer ‘understanding’ of art. Researchers found the average person spends just 17 seconds looking at an artwork in a gallery or museum. However, this exhibition argues that to understand an artwork requires of the viewer to slow down and take sufficient time to see the art in the work. Understanding an artwork is a complex process.
SEE ART explores how the artists structure dialogues between themselves and their viewers when creating an artwork. The artist has available various tools, materials, processes etc. in their art-making ‘alphabet’ when they create works. The exhibition highlights how each artist structures visual texts that are unique to themselves, like fingerprints, or handwriting. The alphabet of art-making has many components, inter alia, colour; mark-making; shapes; use of positive and negative space; texture; balance; emphasis; harmony; movement; proportion; rhythm; etc. The imagery, i.e. the visual text, in each artwork represents the unique story the artist presents for the viewer.

Derek Zietsman - First lessons
Daandrey Steyn - Sabbath of the great other
Doris Bloom - Woody place
Colin Cole - Loads of living
Derek Zietsman - Black like me
Derek Zietsman - Tweedledum and Tweedledee
Eric Duplan - Grey mechanics I
Eric Duplan - Grey mechanics II
Gordon Froud - Jacob XX
Gordon Froud - Trinity
Heidi Fourie - Self service

Moira Macmurray - Sunflowers

Sybrand Wiechers - Ladderless

Karen Preller - Ella's doll

Yannis Generalis - Amazing Grace
Yannis Generalis - Introspective
Tanisa Bhana - Nasreen
Tanisha Bhana - Isabel's harvest
Diek Grobler - Terra Pericilosa I
Diek Grobler - Terra pericolosa II
Diek Grobler - Terra pericolosa III
Chris Diedericks - Tertio Occulus II
Isabel Mertz - Your hinterland lies, beneath his feet I
Isabel Mertz - Your hinterland lies, beneath his feet II
Moira Macmurray - Bali woman
Izanne Wiid - Invert
Heidi Fourie - Self surface
Daandrey Steyn - Sabbath of the great other
Derek Zietsman - And now my son
Chris Diedericks - Tertio Oculus I