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Sybrand Wiechers - Krokodille kan nie cuddle nie

Sybrand Wiechers:  Krokodille kan nie cuddle nie
20 September to 11 October 2019

Sybrand Wiechers is a third generation sculptor who lives and works in Pretoria.  In his twenties he studied fine arts at the University of Pretoria, Tshwane University of Technology and UNISA.   It has been almost 10 years since he’s had had his first solo exhibition in the north gallery at the Pretoria Arts Association and when the opportunity presented itself to exhibit in the space again he was rather keen to accept.
His initial instinct was to call on the ‘wisdom’ he has acquired by presenting the viewer with the coherent conceptual and aesthetic exhibition which one would expect from a mature artist.  This triggered him to listen to the advice he gives others: pick a pot and sit on it.
A chance interaction with a tortoise on a cold, rainy day brought home the truth that you should not try to impose a preconceived idea on something if it’s not in its nature.  A hug is wonderful, but cold-blooded beings will never fully appreciate it.  That in itself is fine.  Therefore he has embraced the absurdity of his chosen path and produced a collection of works loosely based on the theme that things are what they are. 
Auto sysiphus
Cookie trap
E is for .......
Karoo Kintsungi
Like bomb
Man tool
Phantom space