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16 March 2016 to 23 March 2016

Anamnesis is a series of images developed around the artist’s family history. Hand-drawn elements in acrylic and watercolour were added to high resolution scans, which were created from old photographs printed on cotton paper. Anamnesis is an act of recollection and sets out to visually and conceptually reconstruct a family unit that has blurred and disintegrated with the passage of time. This is unfolds from a vantage point where the artist looks back with tenderness and nostalgia trying to reinstate lost images lost and to secure those that have been rediscovered. To the artist this series becomes a Proustian voyage - his visual journey of ã la recherché du temps perdu.

Brothers / Broers
Dreaming / Droom
Elisabeth Serenade
Fairy / Fee
Hope I
Farm House / Plaashuis
Herinnering & begeerte
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