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Year - 2019

Members' Exhibition 2019
Various Artists
# Breaking down walls
Student exhibition
Engage 2019
World Art Day Exhibition
Studio Raid
Mimi van der Merwe
Riaan Bolt antiques
Helena Hugo
The Awesome womxn exhibition 2019
An exhibition curated by Adele Adendorff
The 1990 Sasol New Signatures finalists' exhibition
Rise or Fall (an unknown tomorrow)
Artist Proof Studio
Stars for the festive season
Group exhibition
Drini Jacob
My daily maze under construction
Loeritha Saayman
Krokodille kan nie cuddle nie
Sybrand Wiechers
Milton Miltiades
Landscape 2019
Willie van Rensburg
Diek Grobler
Love Letters
Willem Truter
In the presence of wings
Grietjie Haupt
Stephi Joubert
Quest of the heart
Elsie de Beer Weich
Absence of colour
Will Roux & Valeria Talian
Singing the blues
José Vermeij & Dalene Pierini
What I saw
Ingrid (Muffin) Stevens
Place and Identity
Erica Schoeman
The confession room
Danelle Janse van Rensburg & Nico Prinsloo
Warp Weft Woof
Maria Pienaar
Izanne Wiid &  Sunet Ferreira
Natural selection
Kobus Walker
Corlie Schoeman
March 2019
Daniel Brand
April 2019
Alex Shabalala
May 2019
Lauren Jarvis
June 2019
Sharon Erichsen
July 2019
Jean Beckley
August 2019
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