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Online Easter exhibition

Easter  is a time to rejoice.   During this time of the year, the age-old message of Easter is always that of healing and rebirth.  All the traditions in the world, especially Christian, are familiar with Easter signs and images - the Easter egg, Easter Bunny, the Cross, Palm Branches, the Butterfly and many others, all symbolizing new life and spiritual youth.
We invited a couple of artists to make these symbols the source of their inspiration for this exhibition.  The result is a diverse but totally exciting collection of fine art works. 
If you are interested in purchasing any of the artworks, please contact us via email at artspta@mweb.co.za.  Sold works can be collected from the gallery after the lockdown

Main Gallery


Gwen Miller:  Enfolding

This exhibition, featuring drawings, prints and paintings, reflects Miller’s way of mourning the loss of her husband. She and her family and friends later planted trees in memory of him, and a poignant sense of melancholy and absence is revealed in each image of an uprooted tree, each hole dug in the soil. But the artworks embrace ambiguity as although the presence of stains, shadows and rags may be read as despair following this overwhelming experience of mortality, she conceived them instead as lasting reminders of wonder. For Miller, the process of observing the quietly growing trees and becoming lost in her chosen artmaking medium is constantly transformative. The quiet of isolation during the creative process has offered Miller a safe space to contemplate the enfolding of life’s complexities and the value of care. The resulting works are extraordinary in their metaphorical but understated imagery, and the artist’s sensitive use of techniques.

Gallery Chaton


Adelle van Zyl:  Fables of the mind

In this series of ink drawings and collages, Adelle van Zyl combines the literary genre of the fable with aspects of the human psyche, in order to comment on the human condition. 
The artist draws on her experience as a children’s book illustrator, as she employs animal imagery with particular themes of fears and fantasies for her current body of work.  Fables are short stories that convey moral lessons by means of animals with anthropomorphic features, such as the ability to speak and act like humans. For the artist, animals reflect the fragility of the human psyche. Van Zyl’s work often touches on the psychological aspects of being human, and reflect on the key events and characteristics which form the core of human existence. 

The process of creating both the ink drawings and collages was one of spontaneity, an attempt to discover and access subconscious thoughts and connections.  In the ink drawings, the artist started simply with the format of a circle within a rectangle.  Without any planning, the artist used the circle as an origin to draw from. Similarly, in the collages, the artist began with a square format which was saturated with ink, water and salt.  The resultant imagery became backdrops, which in turn, informed the selection of bird heads and fragments of clothing that seemed to correspond to underlying tones. 

These backgrounds of chance and chaos become theatres, in which human drama of interaction and the creation of meaning unfold.  For the artist, these theatres reflect the dark corners of our minds where our fears are posed against our fantasies. 


Potter of the month

Adele Adendorff

oil on canvas | 20 cm x 30 cm
R2 099

Angela Banks - The Harebrain

oil on canvas | 40 cm x 30 cm

Hanneke Benade - Behold the lamb

pastel on white cotton paper | 21 cm x 29 cm
R4 725

Erna Bodenstein - Lamb 1

drypoint etching collage | 50 cm x 25 cm

Erna Bodenstein - Lamb 2

etching collage | 37 cm x 20cm

Erna Bodenstein - Lamb 3

stone lithography collage | 37 cm x 21 cM

Angelique Bougaard - The perusing shepherd

mixed media silkscreen print | 40,5 cm x 30 cm
R1 575

Annelise Bowker -  Abundancy revealed

experimental monoprint | 30 cm x 21 cm

Guy du Toit - Hugging hares on chairs

bronze | 32 cm x 16 cm x 9 cm

Diek Grobler - The angel won the easter egg hunt

mixed media collage | 29 cm x 21 cm
R2 099

Danelle Janse van Rensburg - En daar was lig

embroidery | 22 cm x 22 cm
R1 164

Carl Jeppe | Scaffold

pencil | 28 cm x 21 cm
R2 099

Eugenie Marais | Lonely world

linocut | 29 cm x 21 cm
R1 575

Craig Muller | The reinvention of empathy

charcoal | 42 cm x 29,5 cm
R3 150

Ilona Petzer - He has risen

collograph & monotype on paper | 38 x 28
R3 150

Dalene Pierini - Viva la Vide

charcoal : 29 cm x 21 cm

Adele Potgieter - Dit leef

watercolour | 29,7 cm x 42 cm
R1 575

Adele Potgieter - Met vlerke

mixed media on found pages | 48 cm x 31 cm
R3 359

Loeritha Saayman - Live and let live

mixed media & found objects on plywood
41,5 cm x 30 cm

Sanna Swart - Crusis Horridus

bronze (edition unique) | 46 cm x 24 cm x 10 cm
R12 600

Valeria Talian - Second chance

acrylic and resin on board | 30 cm x 21 cm
R1 260

Lynette ten Krooden - Afrika Pase - Hergeboorte

acrylic and gold leaf | 30 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm
R5 249

Corne van Eck - The ultimate sacrifice

alcohol ink and collage | 40 cm x 40 cm
R3 044

Elsie Weich - Behold the Grace of God

copperplate etching | 48 cm x 38 cm
R1 049,50

Gordon Froud - The human body dies more often and earlier than the tree

digital print on paper (Edition of 15) | 29,7 cm x 21 cm
R2 099

Malose Pete | Intergenerational expectations

ballpoint pen on Fabriano | 28 cm x 40 cm
R3 359

Gwen Miller - ENFOLDING

Forest for my love - Bear kisses for Mercia

Gwen Miller - ENFOLDING

A forest for my love

Gwen Miller - Enfolding

Jared's gifts

Gwen Miller - ENFOLDING

Forest for my love - Mountain Karee

Gwen Miller - ENFOLDING

Forest for my love - Thomas' Tree Wisteria

Gwen Miller - ENFOLDING

Forest for my love - Six months later

Gwen Miller - ENFOLDING

New dams from the old

Gwen Miller - ENFOLDING

Dullstroom Dam

Adelle van Zyl - FABLES OF THE MIND


Adelle van Zyl - FABLES OF THE MIND

The extacy of Venus

Adelle van Zyl - FABLES OF THE MIND

Commander J Mendoza II of the Basque Region

Adelle van Zyl - FABLES OF THE MIND

Act II, Scene VIII

Adelle van Zyl - FABLES OF THE MIND

Act IV, Scene XI

Adelle van Zyl - FABLES OF THE MIND

Act IV, Scene XVI

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