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Sorry, no Bach today!

Lo siento, no hay Johann Sebastian Bach hoy …
Désolé, pas de Jean-Sébastien Bach aujourd’hui …
Desculpe, não há Johann Sebastian Bach hoje …

Sunday 12 May is Mothers’ Day!  Come and enjoy a programme of harpsichord delights from France, Spain and Portugal. 
John Reid Coulter - The world of the Harpsichord
Music by The Couperin dynasty (Louis, François & Armand Louis), Jacques Duphly, Jean-Philippe Rameau, Louis-Claude Daquin, Padré Antonio Soler, Carlos Seixas, João de Sousa Carvalho, Mateo Albeniz & Domenico Scarlatti.

Date:  Sunday 12 May 2024 at 11h30

Cost:  R150,00 per person (tickets are payable in cash at the door)
Booking is essential (a maximum of 60 people can be accommodated) 

RSVP before 10 May 2024
Click here to RSVP via email or phone Nandi on 012 346 3100 | 083 288 5117

Venue:  Association of Arts Pretoria, 173 Mackie Street, Nieuw Muckleneuk, Pretoria
For many, the harpsichord immediately conjures up a world of powdered wigs, beauty spots and the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. In reality the powdered wigs were more at home in Versailles and the exaggerated beauty spots more visible in the royal courts of the Iberian peninsula.  This programme does not seek to denigrate Bach’s music in any way, as his music remains some of the greatest ever composed. It seeks rather to showcase music from France, Spain and Portugal that deserves to be in the lime-light. After all, they were far wealthier than the rest of Europe! Especially Spain and Portugal thanks to their conquests in the New World!                                  
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