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Masana Sunshine February Concert

Mareli Stolp (Piano)
Handri Loots (Flute)
Rikus Coetsee (Saxophone)

Ensemble Masana was established in June 2023 by Mareli Stolp (piano), Rikus Coetsee (saxophone) and Handri Loots (flute).  All seasoned chamber musicians, the members of this trio have been performing regularly across South Africa and abroad and are now embarking on a combined musical journey as Masana, the Tsonga term for ‘sunshine’.  Today they are pleased to present a varied programme of music by French, British, American, Spanish and Czech composers, showcasing the wide range of possibilities for all three instruments in duo, solo and trio format. Their future plans are focused on the generation of new music for their rather unusual trio combination, specifically by South African composers.

Date:  Sunday 4 February 2024 at 11h30

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